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£14 M to be Funded to UK Climate Change Projects

The climate change in the UK is being tackled, 14 million euros passed from the climate action fund to the communities that handle such stuff. The National Lottery Community Fund made the announcement. The main aim of this Fund is to assist those communities whose lead project is to tackle climate change.

There are several campaigns to receive the part of this donation; the Zero Carbon Cumbria will have the most significant funding of £2.5M along with five other projects receiving over a million pounds each, spreading around the whole UK.

The fund is aiming to donate over £100M in the next ten years span all across the UK.

Middlesbrough Environment City Trust – one of the significant parts of the 14 grants was £1.6M which was funded in National Lottery Fund to help and work on the major problems like, hunger, conveyance, home power utilities, the natural environment, aiming towards greater things like awareness of durable living style to help decrease the spread of carbon dioxide throughout the environment.

The Director of Middlesbrough Environment City, Mark Fishpool, mentioned that the grant he received from the climate action fund is very good news. He said if we work together as partners and share our passion and devotion towards this once in a lifetime opportunity to get the attention of the domestic communities and youngsters to talk about climate change and thus creating a secure future.

This project will also be focusing on motivating the young generation, the youngsters to address the nation about the importance of climate change. This step can be successful through workshops that develop the habit of climate action in the youngsters, thus helping their own communities.

The Director and Environment lead at the National Lottery Community Fund. John Rose said that in his experience of 25 years of donating home projects around the whole UK, the domestic communities and the youngsters create a major impact on this climate change step and also provide the extra benefits that the people of the community can get advantage from.


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