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Arizona gets lucky by claiming it’s first lucky Mega Million jackpot 2020

The Mega Millions jackpot has indeed been declared for the second time in the following year.  A ticket sold in Arizona on Tuesday met every lucky six numbers. These numbers include 1, 5, 9, 10, 23 with the inclusion of mega ball number gold 22. This very fortunate lucky winner won the prize of $414 million (cash $319.9 million).

In addition to the jackpot-winning game, June 9 lottery had lots of other winners. A maximum of Thirteen tickets met the five white balls to take the second prize from the game. Ten in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington was worth $ 1 million, including one each in Texas, Maryland and Minnesota. Out of five the four winning tickets worth more than 2 million dollars, since they had the additional Megaplier (available in most states as an additional purchase), which was 2X Tuesday evening. Four located in New Jersey, one in Mississippi along with one in South Carolina


Mississippi lottery Mega Million

The Mississippi lottery is the newest game in the world, and this is the first major Mega Millions draw. Seventy-four players also won the Mega Millions third draw for matching four white balls and the Mega Ball. Thirteen among which contained the free Megaplier, each valuing $20,000; the rest are worth $10,000. The winning ticket has been running since February 11 and was last won in New Jersey. About 17.6 million lottery tickets have been sold throughout that process, along with the jackpot winner and 46 various tickets with bonus prizes of $1 million or higher. In all, the June 9 lottery featured 1,130,902 lottery tickets at all reward rates, plus the very fortunate jackpot winner.


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