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$1 Million Prize – Travel Agency Owner Wins Lotto 6/49

The lotto 6/49 draw owned by Keith Murray of Mississauga Travel Agency. Updates from Toronto

– June 3,2020.

A 62-yeard old guy, travel agency owner. Keith bought his ticket on a very usual day of his life. Right after dropping off food for his friend in pandemic, he bought the ticket and discovered his big win on the OLG Lottery App. Keith expressed his joy, he said he could not believe what was happening. He double checked with is wife, who told him to google what was the number for the ticket he bought. They were in denial.

Due to this Covid-19 Pandemic situation, Keith’s business suffered a lot. He had debt he needed to get rid of, that was his top priority. Now this lucky draw will help him to have a successful business on his hand. The guy of the moment said, this money was much needed influx of cash. This business has been in his family for over a generation. Now, he can easily pass his legacy on the next generation.

He bought that at J & H Flower Convenience on Lakeshore Road in Mississauga. Be sure to remember this when buying your next ticket.


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