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Lotterwest Covid-19 Recovery Grant to Support Vulnerable WA Youth

Dave Kelly, youth minister, gave out Perth Inner City Youth Services along with Lotterwest COVID-19 relief Fund. This Fund was worth $61,758. This service and relief fund is used to support and help in important work related to youth. This involves all the foremost work which is done with and for young people. It is a great initiative, especially when the world is facing pandemic, and people are losing their jobs. This will definitely help many people with their financial conditions. 

As said earlier, that is especially for young people, so Perth Inner City Youth Services helps unguarded and disadvantaged young people. Young people, age must be between 15 and 25. Most people of this age are in dire need of some guidance in their life. Young people have many new kinds of experience at this age. They are getting to know more about the world. If they don’t get proper help and guidance at this time, their lives might get ruined. So, there must be support for them to lean on. 

Perth Inner City Youth is here to bring light in such troubled lives. They support you in getting each and every necessary thing in your life. 

They offer a wide range of services. It includes accommodation from medium to long term. At-risk young people are warmly welcomed here aged between 15 between 25. Apart from accommodation, they also release support programs for young people diagnosed with mental health conditions. They help in curing mental illness such as depression, stress, anxiety, and motivate you towards a better vision of life. 

In short, they are a complete package for young people. They are genuine services programs. They are not scamming. You release funds from your side. And also recommend to people who you think to need this service.


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