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Lucky Couple from Glendale won $414 Million Lottery Jackpot.

In Arizona, a lucky couple won almost a quarter of billion dollars by being lucky enough to win the Mega Millions jackpot lottery. The top prize of $414 million was sold in a Circle K, situated at 20203 N. In Glendale 67th Ave. The cash choice is worth $319.9 million, minus than $76.8 million in payroll taxes and $15.3 million to Arizona State, with an overall $227.8 million payment to those fortunate participants. The couple wishes to remain forever confidential, following last year’s State rule.

The draw ticket, released on May 27, met all six numbers in the drawing on Tuesday, June 9 Super Millions, earning the 11th greatest jackpot in the history of the game and the biggest single payout ever to any Arizona Lottery participant. Circle K, our trusted business affiliate, also provides from the Arizona Lottery a $50,000 selling bonus to market the winning ticket they agreed to give.

This pair 70 years old male and 63 years old female from Glendale wishes to remain private, but they are eager to share their triumphant story. The couple stated that they had been actively playing the lottery for the past 38 years. The lady mentioned that they chose the number based on her and her husband’s birthday and did not know that these numbers would turn out to be the luckiest numbers of her life. She jokingly stated that this is maybe because, from the past couple of days, she was feeling some itchiness in her left hand and knew that money is making its way.

Sayings of lucky couple

  She said that winning a lottery is an incredible feeling; she has been praying for it for years from now and was hopeful that one day she would get it. She also said that you need to take risks to play because you can’t win if you won’t play. And now after winning one, she is thinking of ways to spend the prize the best way possible. Arizona Lottery tickets are sold in the state at over 3000  stores. Players have 180 days to withdraw their winning tickets and have to sign their winning tickets back and ensure sure nobody else will demand their money. Until receiving their prize, winners will meet with a financial advisor.


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