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New Jersey Issues Jackpot Tickets Only 2020

 Executive Director of New Jersey lottery James A Carey, Jr. announced earlier this month that New Jersey had sold the only big lottery jackpot grand prize from last evening’s drawing. In the announcement, he mentioned that he is delighted that Hudson County managed to sell the winning ticket. He moreover said that he is pleased that Brenda’s Inc. on Bayonne’s 110 Kennedy Boulevard managed to sell that ticket.

Executive Director of New Jersey sayings

He briefly mentioned that amid this pandemic where everyone is struggling, he is fortunate enough to make a success streak on the fiftieth anniversary and now he can’t wait to see what future holds for him and his team. James A Carey said that his winning streak included the 202 million dollar jackpot in February, the $190 million in April and the CASH FOR LIFE $1000 in July and today this mega million jackpot. Jim continued that we urge the winner to claim his winning prize by calling the lottery Headquarters at 609-599-5875 and getting himself the duplicate of each side of the ticket and signing it. He also mentioned that the winner can claim his prize in one year from now.

The number that made its place in the list of “the winning numbers” for the Friday, July 24, 2020 lottery included 08, 33, 39, 54, 58, 17 being the gold mega ball and 03 being the Megaplier. In addition to this, the lucky winner of this lottery will get approximately $124,000,000 annuity ($100,800,000 cash) prize.

On top of that, eighteen other participants matched four out of five drawn white balls attempting to make each ticket worth $500. Two of those tickets with the Megaplier option were purchased, doubling the prize to 1,500 dollars. He mentioned that these participants won awards that ranged from 2 dollars to 600 dollars.


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