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polla chilena


Polla Chilena is a lottery company based in Chile. This company produces game of number and draws. This company is the source of revenue in the state of Chile. It totally depends upon the luck factor and the winning hopes.

It is the combination of system of draws and classic race of racetrack. It started as an anonymous company but now it has succeeded itself to a well known lottery company of Chile. It has brought itself in past few years.

Contribution from Polla Chilena

Apart from creating games and running a lottery company, it has a part in contribution for Chile. Polla Chilena makes almost $145,690 million per year. A specific portion of this money is used for helping purpose in Chile. The charity is done and fund is raised. The money from this is used NGOs and organizations that invest the money for needy people of Chile especially troubled young kids and old people.

This money is also used to give annual bonuses and aid to employees of different companies. This little help will motivate the employees to increase their productivity and hard work.

Affiliated institutes

It also has team up with some of the institutes, such as Chilean Fire-fighters, Children’s City, Coanil, Chilean Red Cross, National Health Fund, and some others, and helping these institutes to see the better Chile in future. They are doing all the beneficial and necessary work together.

Licensed and legal

They have got their gaming and lottery license. They are a legitimate company, and all of their workings are under knowledge of government. They have been clear about everything to their customers and state. And all of their history record is clean. It is a famous lottery company in Chile, and game lovers are defiantly found enjoying themselves there.


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