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Sazka is a 60 year old Czech Lottery company. It is named after its first ever game that it introduced in 1956. Sazka is functioning as purpose build facility of the Czechoslovak Association of physical education and support. Sazka moved to machine processing bets that allows faster announcement of results and payments of winnings.

Sazka is now a joint stock company that allows the shared ownership of sports and sports civic association. It also has an online terminal. Sazka is considered as the best place for sports betting lovers and thus it helps creating a good environment for these people.

Types of games in Sazka

Sazka has introduced the famous game, jackpot in the past few years. And for bonus, it made ‘Wednesday’s draw’ a part of its features. And just for betrs, sazka added another game to its list ‘Chance a Million’. The further most liked games include Euromillions, The Happy 10 lottery, Kostky etc.

 You have much option of games at Sazka. It has taken care of almost all kinds of taste in games for its customers. It keeps on introducing new games which are exciting as well as thrilling. It has opened the new world of lottery and lottery tickets for game lovers.

Safe and secure

As you are risking your money in lottery and betting games, people definitely get worried about their money and getting scammed. Well, Sazka assures you that they have very strict and controlled betting and drawing system.  It upgrades its security system according to international standard for safety and regulations. It has all the controlled mechanism, the operation of terminals, creation of deigns, production of scratch cards, method of payment of winnings. All these mechanisms are examined and made secure by foreign and local auditors.


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