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Best ways of winning Toto Lottery 2020

In Singapore, the Toto Lottery is wide-ranging around the pools and it is also getting the attention of international fans. The gamblers can place their bets within the comfort zone of their home, if you are one of those introverts who likes to gamble, keep on reading to learn some ways to win the Toto Lottery.

  1. Numeric Trend

Just like the usual way of gambling, the toto lottery is also about the numbers, but that’s not enough knowledge to win this type of lottery. It is necessary to understand what the numbers are representing and what they actually mean. For instance, there is a bigger chance of the same number getting drawn which was also appeared I the final seven draws. In case, you find out that the specific number was not really there in the past few draws, then it is most likely not to be present on the pool, so you should avoid picking those numbers.

  1. Take Risks on Random Numbers to win toto lottery

Unlike 4D, the chances of the special number like anniversary dates, birth dates are less. This is because their range lies from 1 to 7 0 1 to 12. This means that there is a higher possibility that most people will choose these numbers and you may end up selecting the same. Even after winning the prize money will be shared among you guys. In order to avoid that, go for random numbers. You may hit the jackpot by just choosing a number that pops up in your mind out of nowhere.           

  1. Mix Your Even and Odd Numbers!

When you start choosing random numbers, it should really be an instant number that comes to your mind. Getting all odd or all even numbers for your big 6-digit number is not really random, so go for a mix up between odds and evens. This may increase your chance of winning by a margin.

  1. There Shouldn’t Be Any Obvious Pattern in Choosing Your Numbers.

Most of the newbies tend to choose the numbers that are appearing in pattern on the Toto slip, and this is one of the very first mistake that they do. In Toto Lottery, this is what happens usually, so there’s a greater chance that you’ll have to share your prize with other people who have used the same strategy.


  1. Choosing Consecutively

We know, we just talked about choosing the numbers randomly. But there are chances that choosing the two consecutive numbers may result in winning. For instance, choosing 11 and 12 or 17 and 18 for every six-digit set.


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