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Viking-lotto is a Norway based multinational lottery company that is played in 9 different countries of Europe. They have various prizes available in each draw. The jackpot’s starting prize is €3 million and goes up to worth €35 million or more. The draws happen at every Wednesday at 20:00 CET in Hamar, located in Norway.

The results of the draws are uploaded on their website as soon as the draw is done. You can check the wining number from the latest draw on their website. It includes all the country specific prize breakdowns and a total count of the winners who are participating from different countries all over the world.

How to play Viking-Lotto

The first step is to select six numbers from 1 to 48. Then you have to select a Viking number that ranges from 1 to 8. If your chosen numbers and the numbers from draws matches, then you have a win that includes money, prize and a lot more. But the condition is all the Seven numbers have to match.

Want to Know More About Viking-Lotto?

You can know about everything on Viking-lotto’s website They have given the complete details about playing, all prizes, offers, and draws. They also contain an FAQ portion, where you can get answers to all of your queries. You can also have a thorough look at the process of how to claim your prizes and money.

Interesting features

They have been updating their features and options to keep the interest of their audience. They have got really amazing and updated features, which you will find definitely worth experiencing and exploring. For instance, a new game ‘Joker’ has been introduced by them which is an exciting supplementary game that can be played on Viking-lotto ever week. They are a legitimate lottery company. They have been running this company for years now and have never failed in gaining the trust of their audience.


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